Title: Baby Bathing Time to Sleep

Description: Baby Bathing Time to Sleep is one of the best free online games. This game is very interesting for all ages. If you like to take care of a little and cute baby this game is the right for you. It is time to sleep but first it is time for bathing. To play this game you have to follow the arrows to get this baby ready for bed. Drag and drop to move the baby. Click on the different icons to use them. All you need to play the game is your mouse. Click on decorations around the room to change the look of each area so it will make a nice place for napping. You can use a hair dryer and a towel as well as a lots of fun stuff in the bath. Also you can change the baby too. Take care of this cute little baby. First bath this baby, make it happy and than take this baby to bed. Play this adorable free online game and enjoy!

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Baby Bathing Time to Sleep