Title: Dora Playtime with the Twins

Description: Every little girl like Dora, and like to watch Dora on TV. Here you have the chance to play game with Dora. Dora Playtime with the Twins is very funny game with Dora. Here in this game you have to take care for some babies. She loves them so much and she is very happy when her parents allow her to take care of them. Your job in this fun girl game is to help Dora's on her babysitting. To play this free online game all you need is your mouse. Babysitting the twins means keeping them happy. She have to give the babies all the toys they like. She have to give them a rattle, ball, and other toys to stop them from crying. Watch the babies, play with them and have a lot of fun. Try to make this babies very happy. Play this awesome free girl game and have a great fun!

Rating: 2.50 [Rate]

Dora Playtime with the Twins